• : 전체분류Does UNIST provide English lectures?

    UNIST pursue global campus to realize our Vision, World leading university to advance science and technology for the prosperity of humankind. UNIST operates 100% English lectures in all courses. You can even take liberal arts like Korean history, music, arts in English.
  • 자기소개서/연구계획서I have many academic (non-academic) achievements and performances. Is there word limit in the form of ‘Personal statement and study plan’?

    There is no word limit in the form. You can write as much as you want.
  • 자기소개서/연구계획서Should the letter of recommendation be written by homeroom teachers in my high school?

    Any teachers in your high school who know you well can write the letter of recommendation. However, teachers from other schools, like middle schools or other schools, cannot write the letter of recommendation for you.
  • 장학금Do I have to pay for the health insurance?

    UNIST considers students' health as top priority. UNIST will pay for health insurance for our international students in undergraduate. Also, UNIST operates 'Health care center' for your body and mental health.
  • 장학금When can I know the type of scholarship I will receive?

    There are three types of UNIST scholarships, Global UNI-Star scholarship Gold, Silver, and Global Dream Scholarship. If you have academic achievements like medals from international Olympiads in some subjects, you may eligible for getting UNI-Star scholarships. After final announcement of successful candidates, UNIST admissions team will send you a package of documents for VISA such as letter of invitation, certificate of scholarships, certificate of admissions and transportation information. You can find the type of scholarships you will receive in the certificate of scholarships.
  • 장학금When do I get the monthly scholarship?

    Since the first month of arrival will be provided with “one-time financial aid”, a monthly scholarship will be provided on the every 5th of each month from the second month. From the second semester, a monthly scholarship will be provided after completing the tuition fee payment process.
  • 전형Does UNIST have admission quotas for each country?

    Yes, we have. For keeping diversity of countries and providing opportunities to the students from various countries, UNIST has a limitation of 12 students from each country.
  • 전형How many international students are admitted to UNIST in a year?

    About 40 international students are selected as successful candidates in a year.
  • 장학금How can I get the UNIST scholarships?

    All the students in UNIST are eligible to get full tuition fee waiver scholarship during the class period, depending on their credits and GPA achieved each semester. So, there is no application system for UNIST scholarships. In addition, you will get KRW (Korean Won) 500,000 as a “One-time financial aid" upon arrival. A monthly scholarship of 130,000 KRW with meal plan and the national health insurance fee are supported by UNIST. If you want detailed information of UNIST scholarships, visit our scholarship page.