[2017] Admission Guidelines

Admission Timeline

Admission Timeline
Categories Spring Fall Remarks
On-line application 2016.8.9 (Tue) 10:00~9.8 (Thu) 23:00 2017.1.10 (Tue) 10:00~2.9 (Thu) 23:00 http://studyinkorea.go.kr
Based on Korean standard time
Submission of documents 2016.8.9 (Tue)~9.8 (Thu) 2017.1.10 (Tue)~2.9 (Thu) by mail or visit
Evaluation & Interview 2016.10.4 (Tue)~10.28 (Fri) 2017.3.7 (Tue)~3.31 (Fri) Telephone interview may be needed.
Announcement By 2016.11.22 (Tue) By 2017.4.25 (Tue) http://adm-u.intl.unist.ac.kr
  • The schedules above are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Applicants may be interviewed on the phone.
  • Exemption from application fee

Admissions Eligibility

Applicants who have completed elementary, middle, and high school or have attained equivalent level of education should fulfill one of the following by the beginning of each semester for the Spring and Fall admissions
  • Foreign citizens whose parents are not Korean citizens
  • Foreign or Korean citizens who have completed elementary, middle, and high school outside of Korea and never enrolled in any school(s) in Korea

Admission Quota

  • The quota for international admissions is not predetermined and it may vary according to evaluation results.

Academic Programs

Academic Programs
Schools Track
Engineering Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Mechanical Engineering Nuclear
Science and Engineering
Urban and Environmental Engineering Environmental Science and Engineering
Urban Infrastructure Engineering
Disaster Management Engineering
Design and Human Engineering Industrial Design
Human Factors Engineering
System Design and Control Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering Advanced Materials Science
Nano Materials Engineering
Energy and Chemical Engineering Energy Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Life Sciences Biomedical Engineering
Biological Sciences
Natural Science Physics
Mathematical Sciences
Management Engineering Management Engineering
Business Business Administration Management
Finance and Accounting
  • Applicants should choose an affiliation (Engineering, Business Administration) when they apply. All the admitted students belong to Division of General Studies during their freshman year.
  • Students should declare their tracks at the end of their freshman year.
  • All the students are required to major in two or more tracks. Two tracks can be chosen from the same school.
  • Names of the schools and tracks are subject to change.

Submission of Documents

Submission of Documents
Mandatory Documents
Categories Remarks
1 Checklist Download from
2 Application form
3 Personal statement and study plan
4 Letter of recommendation(s) signed and sealed
5 Financial certification
6 Agreement for verification of academic record
7 Certificate of the Entry and Exit of the applicant Only for Korean citizen
8 High school transcripts(If possible, containing rank or percent for each subject) Certified copy
9 High school diploma Certified copy
10 Copy of the applicant’s passport Certified copy
11 Copy of both parents’ passports or official documents indicating their nationalities Certified copy
12 Official document specifying parent-child relationship Original or certified copy
Supplementary Documents
13 Up to 5 records of tests and various awards Certified copy
14 English test report: TOEFL(Code: 8807),IELTS, TEPS, TOEIC, etc. Original or certified copy
15 High school graduation or university admission test: British GCE A-Level, Japanese Admission Center Exam, Chinese Unified Exam, German Abitur, French Baccalaureate, Turkish YGS or LYS, The West African Examinations Council, etc Certified copy
16 Standardized tests and other academic certifications and/or reports: IB Diploma, IB Certificate, SAT(Code: 7440), AP, ACT, AICE, AEA, etc. Original or certified copy
17 High school introduction/profile(s)

All documents should be submitted in English. Any document in another language should be accompanied by a notarized English translation.

Admissions Procedure

Admissions Procedure
Online application
Preparatory Documents
  • All the documents should be submitted in English. A document in another language should be translated into English with notarization.
  • Please read “Application checklist” carefully and include it when submitting your documents.
  • All the documents should be arrived by deadline by mail or in person
    Spring Admission: by 2016.9.8 (Thu)
    Fall Admission: by 2017.2.9 (Thu)
  • All the documents should be submitted to the following office.
  • All the documents should be submitted to the following office.
    Room #105 Main Administration Building (201)
    50 UNIST-gil, Ulsan 44919, Republic of Korea
  • Check the document arrival at http://adm-u.intl.unist.ac.kr
Evaluation and Interview
  • Dossier evaluation & Interview:
    Spring Admission: 2016.10.4 (Tue) ~ 10.28 (Fri)
    Fall Admission: 2017.3.7 (Tue) ~ 3.31 (Fri)
  • After evaluation of documents, all the applicants are decided to be “Accepted”, “Interviewed” or “Rejected”. Interview will be conducted on the telephone.

Admissions criteria

Common criteria
  • Based on all the submitted documents such as personal statements, transcripts, and letters of recommendation, UNIST considers various factors comprehensively including academic ability, personal accomplishment, study plan, vision and potential when determining admission.
  • Evaluation of the documents and telephone interview will be conducted by two or more evaluators.
Dossier evaluation
  • After the evaluation of documents, all the applicants are decided as “Accepted”, “Interviewed” or “Rejected”.
  • Telephone interview will be only given to the applicants selected as interviewees
  • After the interview, all interviewees are decided as “Accepted” or “Rejected”.
Reserve candidates
  • Reserve candidates may be named after the evaluation and contacted if and when selected candidates withdraw.

Important notes for all applicants

  • If any of the submitted materials contain falsified information, admissions may be rescinded.
  • Students whose graduation is pending at other institutions during the time of application should submit their graduation certificates / diplomas within 20 days of enrollment at UNIST. Failure to submit these documents may result in their enrollment cancellation.
  • All the submitted documents shall not be returned to the applicants.
  • The Admitted must not defer enrollment to a later semester.
  • Applicants should take full responsibility for any mistakes or omissions on the application.
  • All the documents should be accompanied by a notarized English translation.


  • All students will be provided with shared dormitory rooms with separate heating systems and air conditioners.
  • Dormitory is located on-campus with various facilities, such as laundry rooms, cafeterias, convenience stores, reading rooms, etc.
  • Students are charged for electricity, water, and gas.
  • There are kitchens for international students with refrigerators, sinks, water purifiers, microwave ovens, and gas stoves.
Dormitory(for a semester / 16 weeks)
Dormitory(for a semester / 16 weeks)
Building No. Room type Residence fee Deposit Meal plan
301, 303 Shared room KRW 582,400 KRW 140,000 2 meals/day:
KRW 604,800
3 meals/day:
KRW 772,800
304, 305 Shared room KRW 604,000
306, 307 Shared room KRW 648,000

Scholarships for international students

UNIST Scholarship
  • A. In the first semester, all the admitted students receive full tuition scholarship.
  • B. One-time financial aid: KRW 500,000 upon arrival
  • C. Full tuition waived if GPA is 2.0 or above with more than 12 credits per semester during the freshman year
  • D. Full tuition is waived for GPA 3.3 or above, half tuition is waived for GPA 2.7 or above with more than 12 credits per semester from sophomore year.
Global Dream Scholarship
  • A. Students awarded at an International Olympiad or relevant outstanding academic achievement are eligible.
  • B. KRW 800,000/month for Gold, KRW 500,000/month for Silver
The scholarship programs and conditions for domestic students will apply to Korean nationality and naturalized Korea.
Conditions for UNIST scholarships can be changed

Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad Program
  • A. Student Exchange Program
  • B. Summer Session
  • C. UROP(Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program)
  • D. Culture Exchange Program
  • E. Lab Tour
  • F. Global Voluntary Program
  • G. For more information, visit http://uic.unist.ac.kr
External Scholarship
  • A. Korean applicants can apply for scholarships at Overseas Koreans Foundation or Korean War Memorial Foundation.
  • B. For more information, visit OKF: www.okf.or.kr, www.okf.or.kr and KWMF: http://www.kwmf.kr