As an international undergraduate student, tuition fees shall be fully or partially waived according to the following conditions:

Acquire over 12 credits per semester

  • (no credits are obtained when a course is failed)

Full tuition waiver if GPA is 2.0 or above during freshman year

Full tuition waiver for GPA 3.1 or above, half tuition waiver for GPA 2.7 or above from the sophomore year.

Global UNISTAR Scholarship

 Selection criteria: Awarded at an International Olympiad
  • Gold: KRW 630,000/month with meal plan
  • Silver: KRW 330,000/month with meal plan

Other than the above, international undergraduates are eligible to receive a one-time financial aid and/or receive a UNIST dream scholarship.

One-time Financial Aid: KRW 500,000 upon arrival

UNIST dream scholarhip: KRW 130,000/month with meal plan

  • UNIST dream scholarship will not be given to anyone granted a Global UNISTAR Scholarship